Sweet Nothings

Last weekend or so I decided to tag along to some wedding , with that means dressing up with the whole fuss on hair and make up,which I rarely focus on for those who really know me. Getting there ,their were some in jeans and the all that ‘wrong attire’, with that I felt so relieved that my efforts to dress well got me out of that  list. A revolution awakened in me and I vie to do this more often, be all  girly girly with make up and the whole dressing up. Okay that sounded odd coming out of my mouth, but hey a girls gotta try.

So the food part got me really stocked and excited , don’t you judge we all have to eat good food, you know. Oh and cake, that too had me checking my wrist watch every minute that passed by. I got to meet a whole lot of people too and finally got to interact with strangers, how lovely that was. (Sarcasm is involved here, heads up for those who didn’t know.) but before all this we got past the whole blah blah of the vows and how a union is a symbol of the Lords relationship and the church, Its really important truly, it is. I wouldn’t know but I just believe so, can’t wait for my time.

Random fact , did you know that the throwing of rice at the bride while they both walk out actually symbolizes prosperity, fertility and bounty , interesting enough huh.Oh and that the third finger of the left hand, where the ring is placed was believed to have a vein that ran direct to the heart. The real fact here is that no such vein exists, pretty sure you didn’t know that. I’m proud to be the bearer of such news, you’re all highly welcome. I learnt a lot that day , was too bored so decided to do some googling on wedding myths and funny situations that occur during weddings, should check em out, they lifted my spirits.

We did  lots of pictures that day, sadly I haven’t been able to retrieve any of them , the disadvantage of SD cards. Errors and all that tech problems I honestly don’t know how that happens. That didn’t ruin my mood and I promised myself to have my own kind of fun ,observe,  breath in the fresh air and feel happy. Cake time came and well we had our huge shares, the tiles of cake were beautifully placed on the stands, the mix of colors blended so perfectly with the theme of the wedding ,I don’t know how these guys do it but they clearly do an amazing job, these things take patience and a passion and they have both.


Extra Pictures just incase one doubts their skills, they’re good.



So there you have it, the result of great hands, perfectly laid out for the cake and sweet lovers.

Incase one needs their services , they’re are always available on +254720951403 , pretty sure they’ll provide whatever you need, be it for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers or you know just for the pleasure of the tongue.

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