Dear Reader…



I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I heard of this, I was really frustrated and felt deprived. He stood there that morning and said we had to do this, write a blog, for 8 long weeks!!I had no idea how to do it, where to start and nevertheless what to write on, I mean I had some ideas and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but not this way mister! Not as an assignment, a must have kind of thing, no way. I had done my research before but it was more of on my ‘to-do’ list , in one way or another this project has really helped me embrace my fears.

The fear of thinking I can’t write (I’m yet to confirm that by the way) I do it sometimes but usually it’s at the pleasure of my eyes and my eyes only, never for the public, its more of therapeutic and a let-out that is, some sort of a bin where all the trash is deposited. That’s what writing does for me,but now I had to step out of my zone and do it for the whole world to see. Honestly that was and still is my greatest fear, I’m just not ready to have everyone read and judge my skills per say, you know, and with this blog I’ve encountered some of that.

People I’d never expect bashed me on what I wrote on, sometimes I’d send my link to some of ya’ll and they’d be like, “Hey Rigoh , you write ? I didn’t know that”, so that was step one, the next step was for them to read and now say their on personal views and opinions. I gladly accepted the good and bad that came from you guys, I got inspired and really took that as a chance to realize where I’m going wrong or right, either way.

Others were the greatest support, ever reading my blog and gladly waiting each week for my next post, highly appreciated my people :). I don’t know what I would have done without all of you ( I think I’m gonna tear up- I’m a very emotional being for all who didn’t know) , you guys made me feel like I was not just wasting my time doing nothing here, but just knowing I was talking to just one person would have been enough, so thank you , again!

Oh and thank you to my followers from the far end of the world, people I don’t even know followed, commented and liked my blogs, from India and China of all places, it felt so good! I got chills every time I saw some strange name, oh how I’ll miss this.

Final remarks, for all who would like to start a blog its pretty easy , just go ahead and do it already, I know we got a whole lot of creative people out there. Write on what you’re passionate about and what makes you tingle when you think about it, let it be your fun escape route. Suddenly I feel like I’m an inspirational speaker on TED talk 😀

This being my last post, I don’t know whether I’ll do this again, what do you guys think? Oh well guess we’ll all have to just wait and see.

********Happy Easter*******

Almost forgot Happy New Month too , in three days but hey so what , have a great one!


8 thoughts on “Dear Reader…”

  1. sob sob….sooo emotional. Felt like I was reading a good bye letter from someone I have known practically my whole life hehe…but dont you stop writing. DON’T! But that is an opinion only you and you alone can make at the end of the day.

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  2. I started 4 blogs before I could get the drift of it all .. And when I curved a spot for myself on the blogsphere, I found a home. So I can totally relate with your story. The rewards a re innumerable. Not really in monetary value, but the satisfaction that makes life worth the ride. So keep writing 🙂


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