Pillar of Salt

saltThe other day I was cooking and went a little bit overboard with the salt, I’m sure we all do so sometimes, its normal right? I know it is! Although Mama says it’s a generational problem with the ‘kids’ of these days.So it got me thinking on that Bible story on salt. Random, I know, but there’s really nothing to think about when you’re all alone in the kitchen bluntly waiting for the food to get ready. So usually I chose to think when bored, and that I did, and she came up.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the story on her, in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah who was turned into a pillar of salt , and well she died. If not, here’s a quick recap of it all, of how I remember it anyway. So there was this old man called Abraham married to Sarah, he had a nephew called Lot. Lot had a wife and two daughters. Something happened and you know, Lot and Abraham had to go separate ways and live separate lives.

Lot moved to some town , Sodom and Gomorrah. He and his family stayed there for a while and his daughters also got a chance to have men who pledged to marry them. Unfortunate or fortunate enough that didn’t end up happening. Apparently something happened and he had to run and disappear from that city, never to return since God was to destroy it because of the sexual immorality that existed. He sent burning sulfur and you know, people died , everything destroyed and nothing was left to existence.

Now that you get the whole story at least some bit of it, I’ll move on to what I was talking about.Lot’s wife.

She looked back and turned to salt remember ? I pointed that out up there. She looked back because it was her home , to her the immoral activities that everyone was engaged in might seem wrong to us but to her that was her life, to her that was the right way to live. She lived in pleasure but was dead as she lived. Many give  reasons as to why she looked back but , she herself can give us the right answer to that. Till the end of eternity we will all be filled with perceptions and giving our own relative answers,but hey highly doubt there’s anyone who gives so much focus on her life.We don’t even know her name.

That’s how life is, I don’t entirely blame her for turning, trying to put myself in her shoes I’d turn too. Imagine being told to go forward, run  and never look back , away from your home, your life, your past. Some may say its easy but to me that would be the hardest thing ever, because to me I feel the future is majorly influenced by how I was, particularly in the past.

I’m not trying to say she was right for doing it, but I’m also not saying she was wrong. She did it cause she felt she had to and I wouldn’t entirely blame her, owe unto her, too bad the consequences were that deep.

Anyway point is, your future is based on your past situations you cant really focus on the future and all that is to come if you can’t embrace who and what you were.

So do you, and as you get by don’t forget where you came from.

Its what made you.

********Be You**********



12 thoughts on “Pillar of Salt”

  1. :-).I love the approach very eye opening.
    Another school of thought:

    Don’t you think that we ought not to focus on the past especially when ugly rather look forward to the brighter future promised by God?coz by looking back we hinder our moving forward

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