The Beginning



Kirigo Mwaura is my name, hence the short form Rigoh, just so you know.Born and bred in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Kenya. I’m a girl, daughter, sister, girlfriend, Taurus (for the superstitious ones), oh and a student at some private university in the city, pursuing a journalism course.I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now, in case you want more, just ask. 🙂

I don’t know whether I’m supposed to share this, but this blog is more of an assignment than my own personal interest.Funny enough i think I’ll enjoy this, although coming up with a topic is the challenging part right now, best believe I’ll get through it, this is what we call faith people. For now I’ll probably stick to just talking about a whole lot of nothing really since i haven’t found my niche, just yet.

I’m more of a quiet person, i really don’t like talking too much i actually find it tiring and too much work for me. I only talk when i find it necessary or worth it to the person or audience I’m addressing, due to this, certain humans assume I’m a very private person which I’m not , if your worth my time then you’re definitely worth knowing my life.Since I’m one with few words, I honestly didn’t think i could be one to write a blog , not that i can,but I’m surely  one in the making.So this is me trying to find my niche, maybe i was born to write.

Right now I’m in a room with a friend, staring at the cursor blink like a gazillion times, I’m hungry! I have a class at 1:20pm and its 12:54pm already, highly doubt I’ll have time for lunch.This friend sneaks a couple of goodies that will fill my stomach for at least a couple of hours, i use the word ‘sneak’ because its strictly prohibited to have food in here, but we’re hungry, whats a girl supposed to do :)), i hope we don’t get caught.

So as i await my class, i realize I’m getting more and more cranky, too much all at ones tsk, i have to finish writing this to y’all since the deadline is in a couple of hours, I’m hungry, I’m tired but I’ll get through this, i have to. I woke up today at my usual time, 7a.m but my first class being at 1:20 pm, i figured I’ll have more time before class and i came to school to finish this up, from that time to now I’m still stuck to one page. I’ll partly blame this on the friend next to me, she talks a lot, in a good way though, has very interesting stories and well i love listening to people …. even when i know i have a deadline to catch.

Finally I’m almost done, this is my last paragraph , i want to thank all of you who got to this part i know it was a real struggle to read though all my rumbling up there ^^, but you did. So thank you, i trust I’ll have more interesting blogs in the next few weeks, just for you guys.

Again thank you and do follow, share and like.




21 thoughts on “The Beginning”

  1. I like this piece of writing. Interesting enough, u can really talk when u get used to someone, but you forgot the part that u can sing too! Beautiful voice! A journalist and a musician!

    Liked by 1 person

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