Live Life Happy


Hey my trusted followers and those who sit back all this while and wait for my posts,  Its been a long week, been having my mid exams , they went well, better than I assumed really. I’m so tired, wish I could take a trip to Timbuctoo or wherever, any ideas? Anyone? I highly doubt this is going to happen any time soon huh. I guess I’ll just  reign in my chill mode and  just relax my weekend away with some popcorns , movies, some good music , probably do some chores to help me feel like I’m the best daughter in the world, then the Lord shall lead me to my next escapades.

Speaking of escapades, I can’t remember the last time I was involved in one maybe the ‘dufo mpararos’ at grandmas place of which we never got caught , but that was ages ago highly doubt I even knew how to tie my shoe laces nor fix my hair without leaving any strands  shooting up north. The other one that I can remember was very out of my box and just wrong, I wouldn’t wish to share that information with anyone, I got into a whole lot of trouble as far as I can remember. Come to think of it, I love that feeling I mean who doesn’t, doing whatever I want, however I want and not caring about what people will say or not. As a human , as we all are, I try to live by it, the fact that this is my life and I rule it a hundred percent and no one has the right to control it as much as I do.

‘To live is the most rarest thing in the world, but most people just exist’ , I read this some where can’t remember who said it, okay guess we’ll go with unknown for now. Oh well, I have this friend who recently lost his dad, (he’s going to kill me for writing this, but I highly doubt he’ll read this post , right guys? I know you don’t want your beloved writer here to disappear into thin air, you love me and appreciate me I know!!) .So where were we , oh yes on my friend, so he lost his dad, as the good friend that I am, ha! I call him and you know checkup on him, ensure he’s good and all that.I’m not into the whole emotional heart to heart processes in life and that sometimes makes people, even my friends really think I’m heartless and mean to say the least, and for me to actually check up on him was a big step,

First thing he does is laugh and then ask me how i am, I expected him  to have this somber mood and all gloomy in speech but instead he was all bubbly, welcoming, cheerful and the complete opposite of my anticipation. Yes, the conversation went well and end note he was focused on the future as much as he had lost one of his best friend on earth, he still laughed and advocated for the ‘life has to move on’ theory. Most will say he’s just being a man and taking it all in as he should, but to me I saw that as a way to live life.

Move forward and be the best you that you can be !!

*******Live Life Happy *******





Hey Dad!

I have this thing with hair, like black natural hair to be exact, grey too no prejudices here , no chemicals or anything on it just plain free hair. Its very chic and adorable to look at, I believe every human on earth should just stick by it. I find it very intriguing how as a kid you are born with a ka small portion of hair and with each day, each month, each year more of it grows. ‘As a kid I never understood what I observed and some of it was strange,  but most of it disturbed me’, sorry that just came out ;), its the kids song  B.o.B, I just adore his music generally. Oh as I was saying, as a kid I never understood what all the fuss was all about, with hair that is. Its like it was the main focus of each and every mother in town, to ensure that their girl had the overrated multicolored beads on each stand of hair available on their heads.

I, for one always had some type of ‘style’ on my head, from banana to the very famous pussy cat . After the whole plaiting process,they’d all be tied up together at one point to give an illusion that you had the longest hair in the midst of all humanity and of course, to top it up, a million dangling beads at each edge. As much as I hated it, I loved it too I remember walking and I’d feel like I was the it girl, you know , flipping it from left to right and ensure the beads made that funny sound. If only I knew , no one actually cared, but at least it made my days. Thank you Mum!

Being a girl, I know and have experienced the struggles that come with having this hair, its thick ,hard, really hard to manage and man the pain of having it straight, big issue here. As i grew I guess I came to terms with it, that’s just how its meant to be and I wouldn’t change it for anyone or anything. From ever since I knew of my existence to around age 13, I knew the usual way to have it, is straightened and that was the only way to me. That was the schedule , every Saturday going to Mama nani’s salon , you sit there from 9 a.m. to around 5 p.m. , waiting, waiting and just waiting; cause there’s a queue and well you have to wait , no other option was available but now that I think about it, I think she just ignored me right? not fair Mama nani tsk, not fair I thought I was an esteemed customer who needed the right customer service. Guess I was wrong.

So as I stick to my afro till the end of time, I’d like to give some credit to my dad, the main man in my life , he had this afro ever since I was small. Always black and neat and that routine ; washed it every morning, combed it then pressed it with his hand while it dried and retained its natural texture , I bet he even dyed it, cause it was always black, oh dad how funny, so that means he went under the dryer too, ha let’s not dwell on that right now.

Anyway let’s stand strong all you natural people, its the only hope we have.

*******Embrace Natural Hair*******

The Man!


Bliss and Bloom

Do you remember that feeling?? That feeling as a kid, no worries, all one had to do was eat, play, sleep and just live. Absolutely nothing bothered you, it was all bliss and glam until you remembered you hadn’t started on that ‘insha’ . Title being ‘ Siku ya Furaha’ and you’d have to sit there on that Sunday afternoon , come up with one heck of a story by Monday morning so as to impress Tr. Karen. As a kid almost every single day was a day of happiness and great stuff, so how does another human being (Tr. Karen) tell you to just come up with one particular one? Oh well I think we all survived.

As I sit here I find myself drifting off, just thinking about her, I wonder if she ever got any kids. She’s probably 44 years old right now, calculating by the last time I saw her , ten years I think. Oh that woman, she was a hard exterior, I feared her the most. She was tall, compared to normal female height, had this long manicured nails, applied makeup at times when not even the eighteen year olds knew what lipstick was, compared to these days. She would look at you with those piercing eyes and suddenly you felt that rush, like she knew what you had done on that Sunday, you spent the offering money on Mint choc, but the Lord forgives. I figure she has a life now and not running after primary school kiddos to finish ‘filling in the blanks with the choices given’.

So with teacher Karen out the way now, where were we? Oh that feeling, remember it? I love that feeling, no worries on earth whatsoever. As much as we grow and life brings all this new things , we always find a way to calm things down and make it easier for us. Some take a drink, others sleep and the believers pray . I, personally find a quiet place and sit alone, have some music and just lock everything out. Sounds like meditation yeah? but its not, meditation is deeper than one can imagine, it takes time but one can get there with time and patience. I’ve been working on my meditation process and I figure I’m somewhere in between.

I asked someone who tried it before and he was like all you have to do is think of all the good things, you know, the green scenery , nature, waterfalls, birds chirping away, the breath of fresh air and your suddenly at peace. Connecting with these makes it possible, It   sounds easier than it is, I know. So this valentines, weekend whatever I’ll go connect with myself at a green scenery, I become one with the world, see what the earth has to offer, breath in some very fresh air, listen to my cool playlist  and recharge my batteries. Go love myself more.

…..Splendid Valentines People…..


sacho forestcottonIMG-20150515-WA0002central flowerOh incase you need some Awesome Photography work I know some guys, they are unbelievably good. So just ask.




The Beginning



Kirigo Mwaura is my name, hence the short form Rigoh, just so you know.Born and bred in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Kenya. I’m a girl, daughter, sister, girlfriend, Taurus (for the superstitious ones), oh and a student at some private university in the city, pursuing a journalism course.I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now, in case you want more, just ask. 🙂

I don’t know whether I’m supposed to share this, but this blog is more of an assignment than my own personal interest.Funny enough i think I’ll enjoy this, although coming up with a topic is the challenging part right now, best believe I’ll get through it, this is what we call faith people. For now I’ll probably stick to just talking about a whole lot of nothing really since i haven’t found my niche, just yet.

I’m more of a quiet person, i really don’t like talking too much i actually find it tiring and too much work for me. I only talk when i find it necessary or worth it to the person or audience I’m addressing, due to this, certain humans assume I’m a very private person which I’m not , if your worth my time then you’re definitely worth knowing my life.Since I’m one with few words, I honestly didn’t think i could be one to write a blog , not that i can,but I’m surely  one in the making.So this is me trying to find my niche, maybe i was born to write.

Right now I’m in a room with a friend, staring at the cursor blink like a gazillion times, I’m hungry! I have a class at 1:20pm and its 12:54pm already, highly doubt I’ll have time for lunch.This friend sneaks a couple of goodies that will fill my stomach for at least a couple of hours, i use the word ‘sneak’ because its strictly prohibited to have food in here, but we’re hungry, whats a girl supposed to do :)), i hope we don’t get caught.

So as i await my class, i realize I’m getting more and more cranky, too much all at ones tsk, i have to finish writing this to y’all since the deadline is in a couple of hours, I’m hungry, I’m tired but I’ll get through this, i have to. I woke up today at my usual time, 7a.m but my first class being at 1:20 pm, i figured I’ll have more time before class and i came to school to finish this up, from that time to now I’m still stuck to one page. I’ll partly blame this on the friend next to me, she talks a lot, in a good way though, has very interesting stories and well i love listening to people …. even when i know i have a deadline to catch.

Finally I’m almost done, this is my last paragraph , i want to thank all of you who got to this part i know it was a real struggle to read though all my rumbling up there ^^, but you did. So thank you, i trust I’ll have more interesting blogs in the next few weeks, just for you guys.

Again thank you and do follow, share and like.